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Staff of the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Belarus

The Conference of the Catholic Bishops in Belarus was founded in 1999. The Constituent Assembly took place on the 11th of February 1999. As the first Chairman of the Conference was elected Kazimierz Cardinal Świątek.

Staff of the Conference:

Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, Archbishop Metropolitan of Minsk-Mohilov 

Aleg Butkevich, Bishop of Vicebsk

General Secretary
Josef Staneuski, Auxiliary Bishop of Grodno

Other participants

Aleksander Kaszkiewicz, Bishop of Grodno

Antoni Dziemianko, Bishop of Pinsk

Kazimierz Wielikosielec OP, Auxiliary Bishop of Pinsk
Yury Kasabucki, Auxiliary Bishop of Minsk-Mohilov
Alexandr Jasheuski, Auxiliary Bishop of Minsk-Mohilov
II International Meeting of «Caritas Belarus» partners in Minsk

II International Meeting of «Caritas Belarus» partners in Minsk

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Pre-abortion counseling in Mogilev

Charity foundation “Open hearts” organizes the regular training seminar for volunteers who would like to provide free pre-abortion counseling. Seminar takes place on 4-5, February, 2012, in Mogilev.