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His Excellency Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusievicz

Archbishop Minsk-Mohilov Metropolitan

Tadeusz Kondrusievicz was born on the 3-d of January 1946 in the village of Adelsk, not far from Grodno, in the family of Ignazij and Hanna Kondrusievicz.

After finishing school in 1962 Tadeusz Kondrusievicz entered physic mathematical faculty of the Teacher’s Training College in Grodno. However he was forced to leave it as he was accused of attending church and taking part in holly mass. So, he worked in building organisation in Grodno for a year. In 1964 he entered the Polytechnic Institute of Leningrad, the faculty of power machine-building. In 1970 he graduated with highest grades and got the diploma of engineer and mechanic with specialization “hydraulic machines and automatic machinery”. Till 1976 T.Kondrusievicz worked as an engineer at the Factory of grinding machines in Vilnius: at first in assembly department, later in design office. Being one of the group of engineers he got the certificate of authorship on the invention “Production piece of special high-speed grinding machine for the car factory of Volga”.

In 1976 Tadeusz Kondrusievicz he felt the appeal for special God’s service and entered the Theological Seminary of Kouna (Kaunas, Lithuania). He graduated in 1981 and on the 31-st of May he was consecrated as priest by bishop Ludas Pavilonis.

In 1981-1986 he served as vicar in Vilnius church of St.Teresa, in 1986-1987 – as vicar in the parish of the Virgin Mary Shkaplernaja in Druskeniki (Druskininkaj, Lithuania), in 1987-1988 – as vicar in Vilnius church of the Holly Spirit. On the 13-th of February 1988 he was appointed priest heading the parishes of The Angels’ Virgin Mary (former Franciscan church) and St.Francis Ksavieryj (cathedral). In 1985 he got the degree of licentiate of theology on the theological faculty in Kouna. He upheld the thesis “Doctrine of Dogmatic Constitution II of the Vatican Counsel Lumen Gentum on catholic church”. In 1988 he upheld the dissertation “Intensification of Doctrine on catholic church in the works of Vatican Counsel II and its documents” and got the degree of Doctor of Theological Science.

On the 25-th of July 1989 Pope Jan Paul II named priest Tadeusz Kondrusievicz titular bishop Hipon-Dzarycki and Apostolic Administrator of Minsk diocese in Belarus. Bishop’s sacra, which took place on the 20-th of October 1989 in basilica of St.Peter in Rome, was headed by Pope Jan Paul II. Bishop’s motto of Tadeusz Kondrusievicz Quis ut Deus – “Who beside God”. During the bishop service in Belarus Tadeusz Kondrusievicz founded the Theological Seminary in Grodno, contributed to the opening of more than 100 formerly closed catholic churches and to the publishing of “Mass Order” and “Catechism” in the Belarusian language. Thus, he started the process of revival of Catholic Church in Belarus, which was continued by his follower cardinal Kazamir Sviontak.

On the 13-th of April 1991 Tadeusz Kondrusievicz received the title of archbishop and was appointed as Apostolic Administrator for Catholics of Latin rite of the European part of Russia. During his bishop service in Russia there was officially registered the Apostolic Administration for Catholics of Latin rite in the Ministery of Justice of Russian Federation, juridical registered a great number of revived parishes and other church institutions. After the division of Administration on the 23-d of November 1999 he was appointed as Apostolic Administrator for Catholic of Latin rite of the North of the European part of Russia.

When on the 11-th of February of 2002 Pope Jan Paul II attributed to the Apostolic Administrations for Catholic of Latin rite in Russia the status of diocese, archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusievicz was appointed Metropolitan of the chair of Virgin Mary in Moscow. Thanks to his efforts in Russia started its work charity organisation “Caritas”, were founded info-publishing center “The Truth and Life”, Silesian and Franciscan publishing centers and also Theological Library. With the participation of archbishop Kondrusievicz there were founded weekly catholic newspaper “The Light of Gospel” and Liturgical Commission, which translate liturgical texts in Russian.

In 1991 The College of Catholic Theology of St.Tamash Akvinski was founded in Moscow. Its branches work in St.Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Saratov, Arenburg and Novosibirsk. The College publishes theological magazine “Theologia”. In St.Petersburg there was founded radio station “Radio Mary”. In 1993 the Higher Theological Seminary “Mary the Queen of the Apostles” was opened in St.Petersburg.

In February 1999 archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusievicz was elected Chairman of the newly founded Conference of Catholic Bishops of Russian Federation.

From 1999 Tadeusz Kondrusievicz is a true member of the International Academy of Science in Eurasia.

On the 21-st of September 2007 Pope Benedict XVI dismissed archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusievicz from the vicarical guidance of the chair of Virgin Mary in Moscow and appointed Archbishop Minsk-Mohilov Metropolitan.

Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusievicz is a member of special council on Europe at the General Secretariat Synod of Bishops, a member of Congregation on matters of clergy and of Pope Council “Justice and Piece”. He is vice-president of the Eurasian department of the International Association of religious freedom.

He speaks Belarusian, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, English and Italian.


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II International Meeting of «Caritas Belarus» partners in Minsk

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