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Triumph of God's Mercy in Vitebsk Cathedral Church
Monday, 16 April 2012 10:12

The second Sunday of Easter period – the God’s Mercy day – the parish celebration of new Cathedral church in Vitebsk diocese that is entitled with the name of Jesus the Merciful. This feast means the gratitude for Christ‘s resurrection and God’s Mercy for all humankind, for every one of us.
That’s not a secret that parishioners took part in arranging the celebration in the church.

Celebration began on Saturday evening with presentation of the CD with songs laid on the poems by Yan Tvardovsky that were translated into the Belarusian and combined with music. The same evening the young of the parish together with the father Aleksey Ason prepared cookies according special Italian recipe. The dainty was shared with the young from Borisov and Polotsk accompanied by father Vyacheslav Pyalinsky MIC who came to flourish Holy mass with their liturgy service and singing.

After Novena to God's Mercy, started Holy Eucharist led by the executive bishop of Pinsk diocese Kazimir Velikoselets. The bishop quoted several famous historic persons who spoke out about God, and marked the significance of God's presence into person's life and His great Mercy to us.

Beautifully held liturgy, signing, prayerful atmosphere helped to feel the merciful love of Lord to people. At the conclusion of Holy mass the bishop of Vitebsk Vladislav Blin thanked God and people for good arrangement of the event. When believers went out of the church, the bishop farewell everyone personally and at the same time welcomed others who hurried up for the next Holy mass held for the young and children.

The liturgy for the young and children was led by bishop Vladislav Blin. The sermon was addressed by father Vyacheslav Pyalinok MIC, the archpriest of the parish in Borisov. The priest called everyone to welcome God's word into the hearts and take them open wide forever.

After the liturgy there was the concert of organ music that reflected those lofty and feelings that were experienced by composers during the times they wrote the music. At the end bishops and priests blessed everyone with pastoral blessing.

Before coming home, at the time of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, the young prayed for Lord’s mercy. Everyone read one of the beads from the Devine Mercy Chaplet. The prayer ended up with Lourdes common blessing Holy gifts to all the people gathered.

The celebration took place not only in the church but also in the heart of every Christian who came in. That was witnessed by happy eyes full of believe and hope. It felt like unity when you don't even need to know another person nearby; everyone felt oneself as a part of something bigger.

Every person understood that mutual trust among people exists only thanks to Lord's Love. And that was proofed by united praying for God help us be happy, even if the instrument of the happiness is hard to be accepted by people. At that feast day it wasn't difficult to place confidence to Christ while everything indicated His great Love, so strong that it led Him to die on the cross.

When people were on their ways home, it felt a bit sad, as it always happens when friends left your house. But at the same time everybody was happy, because we are all united in Christ despite of the distance between us. And moreover, we all are aware of the fact that we'll meet again.

Father Aleksey Ason

Updated Friday, 20 April 2012 09:04
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