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People from Pinsk planted new garden in the memory of bishop Lozynsky and cardinal Swiatek
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 13:15

Current year Pinsk area prepared several events dedicated to the 80th anniversary of death of God's Servant Zygmunt Lozynsky – the first bishop of Pinsk diocese.

Touching event in the memory of bishop Zygmunt Lozynsky and Cardinal Kazimir Swiatek was held on the 10th of April, 2012. As it is known bishop Zygmunt Lozynsky passed away on Easter day in 1932. In memory of this date during this year’s celebration of Easter on the territory of Higher Seminary in Pinsk there was planted new garden.

The event gathered the representatives of administration, clerics, and staff of the seminary. Besides, the implantation of new trees was accompanied also by the representatives of Pinsk diocese curia and sisters of Congregation of Missioners of Holy Family. The executive bishop of Pinsk diocese Kazimir Velikoselets consecrated new garden and all the participants of memorial ceremony.

Unusually sunny Easter day evoked subtle feelings in the hearts of people. Special words were addressed in the memory of Kazimir Swiatek – successor of the bishop Lozynsky in Pinsk Cathedral church. That was Cardinal who exerted every effort to make the personality of bishop Lozynsky not be forgotten by new generations of believers.

Such a way to commemorate the Servant of God was chosen for several reasons. Both of them, bishop Lozynsky and Cardinal Swiatek, enjoyed walking in the garden. As it was mentioned by Stanislav Rogotsevich, Eminence member for a lot of years, the Cardinal often joked about his favorite black cherry tree: “I'm on one branch, a starling - on the other one, and together we feast cherries”.

Among numerous features that unite bishop Lozynsky and Cardinal Swiatek was love to nature. That is why it was decided to plant new garden in memory of those two great pastors of Pinsk diocese and Catholic Church in Belarus. It seems there is no other ideal place for that than the seminary, so much cared about by both of pastors. Let the rich fruits of the garden be the witness of formation of new priests and strengthening the faith in hearts of thousands believers who pray for pastors with true love and gratitude.

In program of commemoration of bishop Lozynsky there is planned special symposium in established by him Higher Seminary in Pinsk (on the 22nd of April). In October Catechesis College in Baranovichi named after bishop Lozynsky will provide the conference dedicated to the personality of that great man.

Updated Friday, 20 April 2012 08:58
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