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Diocese Mother Day in Koptyovka
Monday, 07 May 2012 10:14

Diocese Mother Day is celebrated already for several years on the first Sunday of May in Grodno diocese. Main celebrations take place in Koptyovka where people pray for all mothers, both dead and alive. Two years ago the church in Koptyovka was given the status of the Sanctuary of Czestochowa Mother of God via the decree of bishop Aleksander Kaszkiewicz.

This year Mother Day was on the 6th of May. Foot pilgrimage from Grodno to Koptyovka gathered children and parents, priests and clergymen and started from the morning Holy mass in Grodno Franciscan Church. The pilgrims took with them the copy of the icon of Jesus the Merciful, the peregrination of which is on among the parishes since 2011.
At the mount of hope the first custodian of the Sanctuary fr. Leshek Domogalo and present custodian fr. Mikhal Lastovsky welcomed the pilgrims. Bishop Aleksander Kaszkiewicz invited Apostolic Nuncio in Belarus Claudio Gugerotti.

Bishop Aleksander Kaszkiewicz addressed the public and told shortly the history of the church in Koptyovka, about the founder and the first archpriest of the parish fr. Yan Khrabashch-Khrabensky. This year on the 25th of March we celebrated the 70th anniversary of his death. The bishop underlined the devotional service of fr. Leshek Domogalo, who exerted all his efforts to renovate the church.

Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti served the Homily. “For me it’s great joy to meet people of God so strong in their faith,” – marked the representative of Most Holy Father. The Archbishop Gugerotti paid attention to the aspects of parental vocation. “That's very vulnerable”, - mentioned Apostolic Nuncio, “when the closest people of a child – parents- quarrel and find no mutual understanding. The result of it is the destroyed world of the child.”

„The Church says „Thank you” for your decision to be the parents,” – the words of Nuncio to all parents. Today, added the Apostolic Nuncio, there is the tendency to reject having children or give birth only to one child. We should still remember that children are the gift from our Father God.

Apostolic Nuncio Claudio Gugerotti addressed the believers also with the following words: “I ask you to make your homes safe for your children, for them to feel that there is always someone who waits there for them. The place should not be material, but spiritual one, full of love, patience and the wish to come back again”. Also the Archbishop called everyone to “visit the Sanctuary of Czestochova Black Madonna who always waits for you, because that is the place She chose herself, the place of light, hope and maternity”.

Three men – Stephan Yadkovsky, Yuzeph Berazynsky and Pavel Klimuk – received medals from the Apostolic Nuncio for their contribution to the Catholic Church. As it was said by the bishop Aleksander Kaszkiewicz, they are people of strong faith who defended the Church during the times of persecution.

During the pilgrimage and celebration people prayed for all families in Grodno diocese and the whole country.

Fr. Jerzy Martinowicz

Updated Thursday, 10 May 2012 16:08
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