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Minsk Red Church farewelled Rygor Baradulin (+ photos)
Tuesday, 04 March 2014 13:07

On March 4, at 9.45 there was started the official farewell with National Poet of Belarus Rygor Baradulin at the Church of Stt. Symon and Alyona. The poet passed away on March the 2nd.

The non-ending queue of people was coming and coming to make the last honour and farewell to the person who gave the unique example to all Belarusian people how to love Lord, Motherland and mother language. Some informational media were broadcasting the ceremony online.

Red Church has always been the place open for people who prayed for their Motherland and for the destiny and future of the country and its people. Also, on this day, the church was the place where one can hear the voice of the nation that reflects the voice of Nation’s pride – Rygor Baradulin. Silent prayer gathered people who cried, brought flowers, listened to audio-recited poems. The personality of the poet, his life and devotion to Lord and Belarus will always stay for the people and an inspiration. The liturgy was held by Archbishop Monsignor of Minsk-Magilyov diocese Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz. And even during the liturgy the numerous people were joining the ceremony with flowers…

After the funeral Holy mass the poet was transported to Ushachchyna, where his mother rests – the one to whom he dedicated so many words, so many poems…



The land that gave birth to him
Let him enter Lord’s world
This land, as his Mother, awaits
Her son coming
Upto on Heavens’ door.

Aksana Yuchkavich, Photo: Alaksandra Shchyglynskaya


Updated Saturday, 22 March 2014 13:08
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