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“Belarusian Declaration on Protection of Human Right to Life”
Thursday, 13 March 2014 20:19

On March 13, Minsk hosted the conference “The role of traditional religions in problems of protecting the life and of demographic security in Belarus”. The result of the conference is the signed “Belarusian Declaration on Protection of Human Right to Life”.

The chief organizers of the conference were Belarusian Orthodox Church and Minsk-Mogilyov Rome Catholic Archdiocese”.
Representatives of different religious confessions, as well as numerous experts presented their reports on the topic. The executive bishop Yuryi Kasabutski addressed the participants with the welcome letter from Monsignor Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz.

This letter touched people and all of them underlined the cordial appeal of the Monsignor expressed in words: “Belarus, if you want to be great, protect life!”, rephrased from the words of  Blessed John Paul II.

“Catholic Church, as well as Orthodox Church and other confessions, is strong in the believe that we should protect Lord’s gift of life. Blessed John Paul II in His Encyclical “Gospel of Life” teaches us that the first right of a human is the right to live from the moment of conception to natural death (par. EV 2). This right presupposes the following of all other rights of people and means that all kinds of abortion are illegal (par. EV 7-28)”, - underlined the address of the Monsignor.
The head of non-governmental initiative “ProLife Belarus” Tacciana Tarasevich, the director of Charity fund on protecting life and family “Open hearts” Uladzislau Valakhovich presented sophisticated reports that provided the deep analysis of the problem of abortion in Belarus and other countries.

Also, the head of post-graduate education department, lector of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Barysau State Medical College Svyatlana Mazgunova made her speech. In her report Ms. Svyatlana underlined that there is the need to change the system of lecturing in medical education institutes, starting with the entire changes in terminology, like e.g. eliminating the term “the product of conception”, and further changing the course programs that nowadays consist of the separate topic “Abortion”.

There were also presented other sophisticated and well-grounded reports by Senior Research Associate at Institute of law researches at National Center of Legislation and Law Researches Alyona Perapyalitsa; representative of Evangelic-Lutheran community pastor Uladzimir Tatarnikau; fr. Prelat Andrey Stetskevich; bishop’s vicar of Minsk-Mogilyov archdiocese; representatives of Orthodox Church: bishop of Barysau, vicar of Minsk eparchy Veniyamin, fr. Syargey Gardun, fr. Syargey Lepin; representative of Islamic religious community Abu-Bekir Shabanovich; representative of the Union of Hebrew religious communities  rabbi Shneor Daych and others.

The final conclusion of the conference was the signed Declaration and confirmation of the further cooperation program on social and demographic issues.

Additional proposal was to establish the initiative group with special aims to coordinate the cooperation steps and decisions on life protection issue.

The Declaration is open onweb-platform of «Пралайф Беларусь».

Aksana Yuchkavich

Updated Saturday, 22 March 2014 13:15
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