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The peregrination of the Statue of Our Lady from Fatima
Tuesday, 18 October 2016 09:38

The peregrination Our Lady of Fatima Statue is connected with preparations to the 100th anniversary of apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima. On the 4th of October His Excellency Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusievicz blessed the Statue in Fatima and on 13th of October the Statue was brought to Belarus. After peregrination conclusion the Statue will be located in the Archcathedral Catholic Church of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in the altar of repose.

During nine days from 4 to 13 October the website Catholic.by was presenting publishing short essays as the preparation to the peregrination among parishes of Minsk-Mohilev Archdiocese. We also turned our readers’ attention to the previous peregrination of Our Lady of Fatima Statue which occurred in 1998.

From 10 to 12 October the Archcathedral Catholic Church in Minsk was the place for the recollection “Three Fatima Mysteries” which was kept by father Kiryl Bardonau.

Main points of recollection were concerned with the meaning of Our Lady apparitions in Fatima, participants of this recollection tried to understand how to live and act according the Will of God and His Commandments, how to resist sins and temptations.

While Belarusians were waiting for Holy Mother priests appealed to take part in special liturgy of these days. The most effective and essential incitement in our tumultuous times is the warning of Virgin Mary “People can look for peaceful and happy life if they confess and turn to the Lord. But if they don’t take my advice, it’s worth waiting for danger”

The Statue of Our Lady of Fatima was brought in the Archcathedral Catholic Church triumphantly on 13th of October. Believers with white ribbons and kerchiefs were greeting the Most Holy Virgin Mary.

In the street in front of the Church the Statue of Virgin Mary was welcomed by Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, Auxiliary Bishop of Minsk-Mohilev Yuriy Kasabutski and Apostolic Nuncio to Belarus Archbishop Gabor Pinter.

After the Statue was brought in the Church the prayer service to Holy Mother was performed. “You know everybody by name, You know our families, all the sick, the unemployed, the indigent… We count on Your assistance” – these words of prayer which were said by senior priest Antoni Klimantivich and parishioners.

The liturgy was sacrificed for Belarus by Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz. The hierarch mentioned that during this divine service Belarus was joining with the Pope because his ambassador State Secretary Pietro Cardinal Parolin was praying in Fatima.

The Statue that was blessed in Fatima is going to be situated in the Archcathedral Catholic Church till 10 October. In this day after the Holy Mass at 1 00 p.m. the peregrination of the Statue will begin among the parishes of Minsk-Mohilev Archdiocese.

Consequently this peregrination is the great gift for our country and incredible possibility for everyone to overview everyday life, to contemplate weaknesses and sins but also to bring to recollection the true that the Lord is merciful and long-suffering.

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II International Meeting of «Caritas Belarus» partners in Minsk

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