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Apostolic Nuncio has sent a message on the occasion of the 420th anniversary of the Brest Union signing
Tuesday, 25 October 2016 08:25

Apostolic Nuncio to Belarus Archbishop Gabor Pinter has sent a message to the Belarusian Byzantine-rite Catholic Church on the occasion of the 420th anniversary of signing of the Union of Brest.

The hierarch said, “The Jubilee Year of Mercy is nearing completion. Every Catholic should give thought to means of Jubilee blessings using, the means of self-improvement on the way of alive faith, secure hope and active love. We should ponder the issues of being true and tireless followers of The Almighty who lives in the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic church.”

The message contains such words, “During this year Greek-Catholic Church communities have been going the ways of The Extraordinary Mercy Jubilee with creative courage. Animated with charitable acts they have realized the pastoral program with a lot of events. This program was implemented in touch with joyful expression of faith – “I believe in one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church”.

These words of the Creed are especially important in days when believers from the Greek-Catholic Church in Belarus are holding the anniversary of the Brest Union signing. The synod which had took place from 16 till 18 October 1596 assisted in the renovation of the utmost unity of different catholic church communities with the See of Rome and also encouraged believers to increase faith, hope and love in that difficult times.”

The representative  of the Pope wrote, “The Union of Brest resulted in strengthening of spiritual and cultural exchanges between Christians from the East and their brothers from the West consequently, there was the explosion of culture, education and architecture. Many icons created after the Union signing and some sanctuaries are the witnesses of this event up to this day. We have great and valuable spiritual heritage from the history of the Belarusian Catholic Church.

Today after 420 years from the Brest Union singing we again have the opportunity to open this spiritual and cultural wealth of belonging to the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church with the responsibility of being the witness of the New Testament and Love for every person.”

The Archbishop added, “In these holidays thanking Lord for His boundless love I’m calling for pray about unity creating between Christians in the way the Lord wishes. Trust all of you to Mary - the mother of One Catholic Church! And bless you from a pure heart!”

Updated Tuesday, 25 October 2016 11:46
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