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The museum of Grodno Diocese will be opened after reconstruction in the lehmhaus of the former Bridgettine monastery
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 08:57

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland is going to supervise the reconstruction of the most ancient wood construction on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

It was reported by the Catholic newspaper of Grodno Diocese «Slovazhytsia» (The Word of Life).

Works which are planned to be executed in the lehmhaus include shoring of foundation, disassembling of a stove and interior partitions (they are not authentic) and also repairs of a wooden lathroof.

The restored building will become the museum of Grodno Diocese with the display of books, altar icons, photos and documents.
The funds of Diocese museum will be located in the building of lehmhaus of the former Bridgettine monastery. An interactive convention hall for 100 persons will also be disposed there.

What is a lehmhaus?

Lehmhaus is a name of a double-storeyd and sometimes one- or three-storeyed household building. This kind of household buildings was in routine use for the storage of food, clothes, grain and agricultural equipment and prevailed in towns and villages of West Belarus, Poland and Lithuania.

Why this project is supported by The Ministry of Culture of Poland?

As the Rector of the former Bridgettine monastery church fr. Antonij Gremza notes for the comments of «Slovazhytsia» the administration of Grodno Diocese isinterested in the restoration of this architecture sample and addressed with an application for restoration to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland and the above mentioned institute agreed to support the project implementation.

The project has been agreed by the Ministry of Culture of Belarus and now is waiting for restoration works beginning. The works will be provided according the designed research and planning documentation confirmed by ministries of both states.

Fr. Aliaksandr Sasnouski the head of economics and construction department of Grodno Diocese and responsible for the lehmhaus restoration said that precisely restoration works would be executed not reconstruction.

In obedience to the priest words the lehmhauswas put in the state list ofhistorical and cultural sites of Belarus with category 0 (it means the project had been noted on the list or had been recommended for entering in the register of the World Heritage) so the main problem involves building authenticity preservation.

The history of the lehmhaus

In concordance with official information the lehmhaus is located on the territory of the former Bridgettine monastery complex, is made as a two-story residence with a balustrade and archgalleries on the principle front.

More likely it was built with solid beams but without the use of metal nails on rubble stone footing in the traditions of Belarusian national architectonics in the second part of 18th century.
The lehmhaus belonged to Bridgettine sisters till 1950 then it was closed and with other structures was made available for the use of a psychoneurologic dispensary. The Church won back this building in 2003.

According «Slovazhytsia» on the 23rd of October 2016.
Foto: Vitaly Polinevski

Updated Thursday, 03 November 2016 13:46
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