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Bishop Yury Kasabutski: after car accident I’m not afraid of death
Saturday, 11 February 2017 03:10

In 2001 Bishop Yury Kasabutski became the prefect of Interdiocesan Major Seminary of St. Thomas Aquinas in Pinsk. It was the first year of renewal of spiritual educational institution activity. The next year had a profound effect on the life of the future bishop – at the beginning of 2002 he was in a bad car accident. Restoration to health and strength took more than a year.

Health condition after accident

I had a lot of fractures, different surgical operations were made. Doctors didn’t predict anything, they said a fracture wasn’t a sickness but temporary inconvenience.

The biggest difficulty was connected with limitation of movement freedom. If a person lies all the time and can’t walk this situation causes a lot of discomfort. It had an impact on my mood and well-being. And it seemed incredible when after several months these pieces of iron were removed from my leg. A doctor put my leg in plaster and said that I could put weight on my leg.

About sickness experience

During first months of medical maintenance many wardmates came and went. Overwatching them I’ve drawn a conclusion that the most harmful condition for a sick person was to take the situation through the lens of the question “For what?” In that case a person perceives a disorder as punishment. Gradually this stance on the problem will lead to depression or difficulties. It’s quite troublesome to help this person, talk round the life consists of all kinds of moments. Not always everything is going on swimmingly.

A believer should ask other questions: why am I going through these troubles? It helps to take sickness and severities in another manner. The Lord sends us dissimilar cases and even travails. It’s not necessary to say that this or that occurrence was evil and must become forgotten. It’s the gift of the Lord and He just wanted to provide a lesson. Maybe I’ll meet with something even much graver but I’ll be able to ride out in a new light.

Relatives and visits

When I was transferred from a resuscitation department my mother came to me. She helped me as I couldn’t move. Sometimes my sister covered the mother. Relatives presence is significant cause you receive moral support and sensation that you are not alone.

Many people visited me in hospital, sometimes it was hard to have a great amount of visitors. Some of them started to cry: “What a horrible thing!” I’m not an impressive person but one of my wardmate lost courage after expression of such “care”.  

Relatives are an overriding concern for complicated treatment. I had sequelae all the time and due to them I checked into a hospital after discharge again.

Up to now I feel my old injuries especially when the weather breaks up. So I can have a side job as a forecaster.


Prayer had an important role during treatment. Sometimes my prayers looked towards a situation at hand – “here and now”: the Lord, please, make the next surgery successful, may my pain be sacrifice. Later I started again to pray about all Catholic Church.

I couldn’t celebrate the Mass as I had broken my arms. Priests brought me the Eucharist almost everyday.

When the ability to move returned I took a trolley bus near hospital and went to the Mass at the Red Church. It was very convenient as a trolley bus had a stop almost near the church doors.


When I came round in the casualty unit after the car accident I couldn’t understand what my condition is. Then namely incapability became a great problem. Firstly I was a hero as I thought that everything would be great! My mother promised to be with me and help, but I supposed it wouldn’t be necessary for a long period of time. But later I was obliged to admit my requirement for care. It was a lesson of obedience.  Gradually I resigned myself to the incapability. With the course of time even strong pain stopped to annoy.

It was very important to overcome psychological obstacles and to accept the idea that it wouldn’t be forever and changes would come. It never seemed to me that sufferings would be endless. I realized that I would be able to live with different accident consequences in my body, it’s just a matter of time.

About doctors

There were complicates surgeries. Some of them involved the transfer of a leg bone into the arm in order to see functioning processes. It’s the confirmation of doctors’ professionality. Professor Voronovich met the challenge of recomposing me courageously.  

Why did it happen?

It was necessary for comprehending of myself and people who are in need. This period also demonstrated who is who among acquaintances. The Lord explained what obedience is, who to register pain and sufferings. After the car accident I’m not afraid of death. 

Fr. Kiryl Bardonau prepared

Photos of Alexandra Shchiglinskaya and Pavel Hodzinskiy

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