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Catholic.by is the official Internet portal and the main information source of the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus. Our objectives consist in deepening Catholic self-consciousness among our visitors and favouring development of spirituality of all society.

Every month our portal is being visited by more than 30.000 users who make some 140.000 page views. We inform our visitors on the topical events in the life of the Catholic Church in Belarus and worldwide, as well as on its teaching and its stand regarding modern challenges of the secularized world.

We have established a fruitful cooperation with foreign Catholic mass media. Also, collaboration with secular means of mass media is being carried out, which allows the Church to enter a new level and declare about itself not only in Catholic environment.

The web portal functions exclusively on donations. Today, in order to successfully continue our work, as well as to evolve, we very need your help. By offering a donation not only do you support us and the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus, but also make a tangible contribution to the erection of the Kingdom of the Lord on earth.

May the Lord repay you.






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II International Meeting of «Caritas Belarus» partners in Minsk

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